From Friday 29 September to Sunday 5 November 2023

 T H E   S C H E D U L E



Dinner - 3 courses (excluding drinks).



Breakfast from 7:30 am.

9h30: Visit of the market of Bagnoles de l'Orne.

11h: Cooking class given by the starred Chef F. Quinton: Autumn recipes, inspired by the mushrooms of the Andaines forest. Wine pairing chosen by our sommelier Y. Lebailly.

12h30 : Lunch - 3 courses (Drinks included).

14h30 : Departure to the forest of Andaines to pick mushrooms, accompanied by a mycologist

Late afternoon: Classification of the different species collected, discussions ... followed by an aperitif

Dinner - 5 course tasting menu (excluding drinks).




Breakfast from 7:30 am.

9h30: Departure for a new picking in the forest of Andaines, on the way back, 2 course lunch (including drinks).


T H E   R A T E S


For a double occupancy  1 night Package* 2 night Package**
Elegant room 640€ 1170€
Privilege room 660€ 1210€
Wooden lodge 690€ 1270€

 1-night package: Arrival on Saturday for mushrooms picking at 2:30 pm/ Departure on Sunday after the lunch.

** 2-nights package: Arrival on Friday for dinner / Departure on Sunday after the lunch.


O U R   R E C O MM A N D A TI O N S 

Make sure you wear an adapted outfit for a 2h30 walk in the forest and bring your own basket and a mushroom knife

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